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The Cybernet Place Long Island Web Design

The Cybernet Place Long Island Web Design

Celebrity Clientele

  • Angelina Pivarnick
    Angelina Pivarnick
    Angelina from MTV and Jersey shore reality show.

    PTC - 10/14/20

  • Carla Facciolo
    Carla Facciolo
    Carla Facciolo is an American reality TV cast-member who starred in first three seasons of Mob Wives and returns for a guest appearance in Season 5.

    - 09/14/20

  • Dorinda Medley
    Dorinda Medley
    Dorinda Medley is a reality TV cast member best known for Real Housewives of NYC. Dorinda turned to Sharon for treatment to "tighten, brighten, and lift my lower face and neck!" The combo includes laser and light therapy systems SkinTyte & Forever Young BBL by Sciton.
    Dorinda commented, "I really saw a huge difference after my first treatment!".

    PTC - 01/10/19

  • Danielle Staub
    Danielle Staub
    "I'm such a lucky girl to have spent the day with incredibly dedicated professionals! You stepped up my brow game with nano blading. I was hesitant for years but the moment I met you all my fears melted away. The trust I Have for you is magnified daily and reflected in your passion for perfection. Fast forward to today as you continue to exhibit your knowledge and talent restoring my skin to a healthy glow with BBL correcting damage caused by sun and time in nature." - Danielle Staub
    Read about Sharon and Danielle in this article from People magazine online

    PTC - 01/09/19

  • Teresa Giudice
    Teresa Giudice
    Teresa Giudice is a reality television cast-member, best known for starring in The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Besides appearing on the show, Giudice has written multiple New York Times bestseller cookbooks and was featured on Donald Trump's The Celebrity Apprentice 5.

    PTC - 07/27/17

  • Renee Graziano
    Renee Graziano
    Renee Graziano is an American reality television personality and author. She is known for her roles in two reality television shows, Mob Wives and Celebrity Big Brother. In 2016, Renee came third on Celebrity Big Brother 18!

    PTC - 07/17/17

  • Tameka Harris
    Tameka Harris
    Tameka "Tiny" Harris is an American singer-songwri

    PTC - 07/02/17

  • Playboy Producer
    Playboy Producer
    The bottom line is "Sharon is truly an artist". As a producer for Playboy, I am very selective on who I choose to work on my face and body as well as the professionals I send my Playboy models to. Sharon is always my choice for skincare and permanent make-up. All my models who have been treated by Sharon are so happy to wake up looking like the Playboy Model they are in the magazine. I couldn't recommend anybody higher. Please check out our website and we'll take those sexy pictures you always dreamed of. Let us bring out the beauty in you. Dazzle him for the holidays. www.weddingsbygen.com

    Playboy Producer - 10/12/14

  • I trust my face and body to the hands of Sharon Grasso.
    I trust my face and body to the hands of Sharon Grasso.
    I cannot believe how great my skin looks! I want to thank Sharon Grasso for making me feel beautiful and confident every morning! For over 12 years I have been working on camera in the television business starting with News 12 Long Island, the NY Islanders, PIX-11 Morning News and now I am the Entertainment Reporter on FOX 5 News here in New York City. In this business you wake up anywhere from 2-4am and believe me it's not easy.

    Part of my job is to look good and presentable, but these early hours sure do take a toll on my body. And when it's your job to interview celebrities, you can't help but notice how beautiful they always look and wonder what is their secret? Well the truth is it's not just their genetics! It is their team of aesthetician's, make-up artists, hair stylists and trainers who help them look their best!

    Sharon is just the person who can help! From Permanent makeup to skin care she can do it all. Please feel free to reach out to me directly for a referral, I would be more than happy to speak to you all.

    I really do love you Sharon! I CANT BELIEVE the results!

    Jill Nicolini - 02/17/13

    JWOWW SAYS: "Permanent makeup let's you feel pretty and confident - no worries that the morning after, your guy will see you all pale and plucked and think, "That's nasty!" I don't care if you're Miss America, no girl is naturally stunning at 6 A.M.

    I go to Sharon Grasso (www.permanenttouchcosmetics.com) and she does everything from complete eyebrow replacements, permanent eyeliner or lip liner, to scar correction after breast lifts or augmentations. I also love that I can now jump in the pool or the ocean and my makeup isn't running off my face. It's fairly painless (like tattooing makeup on your face) and worth every penny."

    JWoWW - 08/24/12